Fall semester classes begin immediately after Labor Day and run every week until winter break. We follow the Hamilton County calendar. If school is closed for any reason, classes will not be held that day. The fall semester art shows will be held in spectacular fashion in January!

Spring semester classes begin the last week in January and run every week until school is out in May. The spring semester art shows will be held in late April & May! We LOVE showing off all the amazing works of art the young artists create!

At Children's Art Place, every artist is a winner! We value everyone's unique vision and masterpieces and create a safe space where they can create freely. We mat and hang 5-7 groups of art in each show and create a customized art award for every artist. The young artists love receiving their special awards at each show!

IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY SOAR at every Children’s Art Place program. The development of children is the focus. Here children are taught step by step about the creative process, while learning how to use and care for the materials. This allows them the freedom & encouragement to let go, experiment and simply create without judgment. Each class teaches something new, mixing art history, art vocabulary and various exciting materials in a fun unique way with projects that are sure to please!

Students learn the basics and gain a strong foundation in the arts. Line, color, shape, perspective, rhythm and composition are all taught as the building blocks of art. Focus on direct observation, working from inspiration and imagination are all important and explored. Art vocabulary is introduced each week allowing artists to begin to expand their knowledge of art ideas and how to talk about their art as well as the work of others. Through the study of the Great Masters, Contemporary artists and the art all around everyday life, young artists become inspired and create amazing masterpieces of their own.

Classes meet on site at different schools and are available on a first come, first served basis. Creativity and experimentation are encouraged with age-appropriate projects. Children are encouraged to express themselves as they explore many techniques and different art materials. The children’s Art Place curriculum is carefully developed to meet Academic Standards for Visual Arts and many lessons align with the Common Core Standards. We also value Art for Art’s Sake and provide some simply fun lessons and enjoy the process of making art, while other lessons integrate math, science, language arts, social studies and music. New enriching art lessons await students each week that challenge and excite!

Some of the MATERIALS introduced include:
Pencil • Charcoal • Watercolor • Acrylics • Tempera
Printmaking • Fabric Painting • Pastels - Oil & Soft • Stamps
Clay • Mosaics • Colored Pencil • Collage • Mixed Media
Some of the VOCABULARY introduced includes:
Colors • Value • Picture Plane • Shapes
Foreground • Middleground • Background • Texture
Line Quality • Contrast • Color Wheel • Composition
Primary Colors • Secondary Colors • Transparent • Translucent
Opaque • Balance • Rhythm • and More
Some of the FUN includes:
ART SHOWS at The End of Each Semester
Awards for all of the Creative Artists
Occasional Field Trips
“Be the Designer” Products
Increased Self-Esteem and Pride in Their Work
Learn the Foundations of Art
Explore a Wide Variety of Art Materials 
Discover Master & Contemporary Artists
Develop Art Vocabulary
Master Step by Step Drawing
Grasp New Skills & Techniques
Exhibit Work in an Art Show
Increase Self-Esteem
Achieve Success