Getting the Best Image


1 - Go out in natural direct sunlight. This is the best light source. If your day is overcast, do not despair as this is even better. If not possible, you get good results inside by a large window.

2 - Mid-Day is best - approximately 10 am until 4 pm.

3 - Use a microfiber cloth to clean any dirt or smudges off of your lens. 

4 - Lay the artwork on the ground and stand directly over it, shooting the photo downward. If the art piece is large, you might need to stand on a stool. (You may also prop the piece against a wall or surface and shoot from the front, but the art will need to me on a canvas or mounted to something sturdy so it doesn’t droop inward)

5 - Fill the frame with your art. Get close enough so that the art nearly fills the viewfinder or LCD screen. Tip - use one side of the art and line it up with one (or 2) sides of the viewfinder to help keep it straight on and square or rectangle. It is OK if you are not perfectly squared up as we will crop the image slightly to ensure a clean and perfect edge.

6 - Use your zoom a little (if you have one). It is better not to shoot zoomed all the way in or all the way out. This is not essential, but will get slightly better focused results. Nothing can save it if you don't get the image in focus. Check and double-check apparent sharpness. If your camera will let you, magnify the image on your LCD.

7 - Shoot more than one image and choose the best one when you upload to your computer. It is easier to see details when it is displayed on your computer.

8 - Save it as a JPEG and upload it to us when you order. 


1 - Scan as a JPEG with a DPI setting of 300.

2 - Save it as a JPEG and upload it to us when you order.