Summer Camps

Check back to Register for Fall 2022 Art Classes in August

SUMMER ART CAMPS WERE AWESOME LAST SUMMER!!!  It was wonderful to have the studio alive and filled with creativity & laughter again. PLUS - the kids made some truly amazing art!

Here is the schedule for Summer 2022. We just finished it yesterday. I will also put the descriptions below the schedule.

All ART CAMP prices and basic schedule info will remain the same for Summer 2022!

Camps run Monday - Thursday each week.

Morning camps are 9am-noon

Afternoon camps are 1pm-4pm

Each camp is still only $150 and includes all supplies. We are also running the "Stay-All-Day-&-Create" special again this summer with the $50 discount. So, sign up for the Morning and afternoon camps in the same week from 9am-4pm for $250. For this option, campers bring their lunch and hang out, eat, watch movies, get extra time on their projects, etc. between the camp sessions. It's a fun chill time that we all enjoy together. 

We also have a Refer-A-Friend discount for new first time campers - refer a new camper and both families save $25 off our single camps. (We don't add discounts to the already-discounted "Stay-all-Day-and-Create" discount).

Hope this is helpful. We are taking registrations by text, email & phone to hold spots until the new website gets finalized and launched. This should happen in a couple of weeks:)





Session 1 May 30 - June 2

1A: 9:00am - 12:00pm Fashion Design Divas!

1B: 1:00pm - 4:00pm Pampered Pets!

Session 2 June 6 - June 9

2A: 9:00am - 12:00pm Mom Would NEVER Let Me Do This At Home!

2B: 1:00pm - 4:00pm Wild About Animals!

Session 3 June 13 - June 16

3A: 9:00am - 12:00pm Mixed Media Masterpieces!

3B: 1:00pm - 4:00pm Teen ART-Ventures!

Session 4 June 20 - June 23   (Malorie wants to help this week)

4A: 9:00am - 12:00pm Pre-K Art Camp!

4B: 1:00pm - 4:00pm Pre-K Art Camp!

Session 5 June 27 - June 30

5A: 9:00am - 12:00pm Fashion Design Divas!

5B: 1:00pm - 4:00pm Sweet Treats In The Garden!

Session 6 July 5 - July 8

6A: 9:00am - 12:00pm Art From Around The World!

6B: 1:00pm - 4:00pm Monster Mash!

Session 7 July 11 - July 14

7A: 9:00am - 12:00pm Mom Would NEVER Let Me Do This At Home!

7B: 1:00pm - 4:00pm Cool Clay & Sculpture!

Session 8 July 18 - July 21

8A: 9:00am - 12:00pm Pokemon, Minecraft, Heroes & Villains!

8B: 1:00pm - 4:00pm Mythical, Magical Wizardry!

Session 9 July 25 - July 28

9A: 9:00am - 12:00pm Halloween In July!

9B: 1:00pm - 4:00pm Teen ART-Ventures!

Session 10 Aug 1 - Aug 4

10A: 9:00am - 12:00pm Cool Art & Technology!

10B: 1:00pm - 4:00pm Pampered Pets!

Summer Camp Descriptions:

Give your kids the gift of creativity all summer long with our popular art experiences! We base all our fun & learning around different weekly themes. Some of our most popular ones repeat, but if your child comes to both, we easily switch up the subject matter so they get the reinforcement of the skills, but not a repetitive project. 

All summer camps will be safely held at our studio in East Brainerd. We will follow safety protocols for enrollment numbers, seating and sanitation. The Covid numbers are down in Chattanooga now (thankfully), so masking is optional and up to each family. All teachers are fully vaccinated & boosted for the kids’ safety.

Fabulous Fashion Design!

Calling all Fashionistas! In this unique camp, we learn all about the fashion industry, how our clothes get designed & made as well as how to illustrate and construct a fabulous skirt or armor for ourselves. Each camper receives a Fashion Notebook to work in all week and take home for continued fun all summer. (These are great for long summer car rides) We do too much to list out here, but you can expect jewelry making, textile design, shirt decoration, a fashion painting on canvas AND our amazing Fashion Show on the last day - complete with face painting!

Mixed Media Masterpieces!

I LOVE Mixed Media work and in this camp I share the many tips and techniques that kick your art up several levels. Mixed media simply means we use more than one type of art material in a finished piece. We will paint, draw, use 3D elements, collage and even try some printmaking techniques. Layering art we make and then embellishing with everything from fibers to gemstones and more makes some spectacular finished pieces! We will do work on canvas, paper, wood and anything else we can think of - even some alcohol ink work and fire tiles! Clear the walls, amazing art is coming your way soon!

Cool Clay & Sculpture!

Come dive deep into paper-mâché, ceramic-air dry clay, sculpey oven-bake clay, wire sculpture, wood, metal, model magic animals, games & a little 2-D art for good measure! We also learn about up-cycling and all the coolness we can make from everyday items. AND, did I mention Slime? We will be making a slime for added fun in this camp too. Always a summer favorite! 

I Could NEVER Do This At Home!

Back by Popular Demand! What kid doesn’t LOVE to make a mess - especially an artful and creative mess? We have BIG PLANS and Many NEW Ideas and Projects this summer including rainbow bubble snake painting, tie-dye and some 3D art too. Don’t worry, we will still have the paint balloons & exploding paint! And Mom, while your children will come home messy, the finished art that comes home will not only be fabulous, but it will be dry and clean!

Cool Art & Technology! 

A great choice for those who LOVE art and also love computers and apps. We make super cool art - think outer space paintings, for example. THEN, we do things like photograph ourselves in front of a green screen and use technology to float or fly through our very own paintings! We also use apps to collage and transform other art we create. Join us to try the many other ways we combine art & tech in this summer camp favorite!

Pokemon, Minecraft, Manga, Heroes & Villains!

Come learn to draw & paint your favorite characters. We’ll also make a cool comic book and lots of other fun projects including a tie-dye shirt with your favorite character! In this camp, you’re not doing all the characters in the title. You get to choose what you love best and we tailor the projects to fit your favorite character or animal themes. This camp gets to make a pillow or tote bag with your own design plus SO Much More!

Mythical, Magical Wizardry!

Among the loads of amazing art we will create, you’ll craft your very own wands in the style of Harry Potter or fairy inspired magic.These were SO popular last summer that we just HAD to bring them back! We invite dragon, mermaid, unicorn, sea serpent, fairy or elf lovers and any other imaginary or “Real” creatures you fancy, we don’t judge, we just CREATE magical fun-filled art! This camp also includes 3D puppets and a magic potion! Get ready to let your inner wild side come out!

Pampered Pets!

We LOVE our pets - both real and imaginary! I had an imaginary pet as a kid and it was SO cool. In this camp we will be making a stuffed animal that we design and decorate however we like. All kids are welcome in this fun-filled art camp if you have a pet or just want one one day. After this camp, you will have a stuffed pet, a pet rock (remember those parents?), a slimy concoction (because pets can make messes), a canvas pet portrait, tie-dye, pet puppets and SO Much More! We can’t wait to celebrate all our non-human companions this summer!

Wild About Animals!

Lions & Tigers & Sharks & Monkeys & Sloths & More, OH MY! For this fun camp, we’ll travel in our minds to the arctic circle to a jungle safari and the deep waters on an ocean excursion. Imaginations will run wild as we create many animal-inspired prints, paintings and sculptures! Tie-dye, exploding books & face painting is also on the agenda for this wild action-packed camp! So, don’t be late as we get ready to explore each day!

Sweet Treats In The Garden!

Get ready for some sweet fun this week where food and art collide! We will learn about a few artists who are well known for painting food like; Wayne Thiebaud, Giuseppe Arcimboldo & Paul Cezanne. Some are beautiful and some quite funny. We will then try our hand at printing, painting and sculpting some sweet treats of our own! And who doesn’t just love to picnic in a garden? So we will also explore gardens and floral work like that of Claude Monet, Georgia O’Keeffe and Joe Horner. We will be making a few florals and one will be quite unexpected and involves resin art - that’s the only hint for that project! Clear the walls because you will be AMAZED at what will be coming home from this fun and exciting camp.

Art From Around The World!

Let’s go on an exciting ART TRIP around the world to countries and continents far and near! We’ll learn about artwork, culture, customs and music as we get inspired by a new place each day. In Japan we will be making clay fortune cookies and inserting our own secret messages in them as well as trying our hand at ink brush painting. African rain sticks, embossed metal suns, sun prints, acrylic paintings on wood and so much more will be created during this adventurous week. So pack your bags and come along as we travel first class, and make a lot of fabulous first class art!

Monster Mash!

Who doesn’t love goofy monsters? Some students may want to create monsters of the more creepy variety and that’s okay too. I personally love cute goofy monsters like from Monsters Inc. During this camp, we will be making our very own monster pillows, paintings, clay works, mixed media pieces, monster sculptures out of groovy found objects and so much more! The sky is the only limit with imaginations running wild fueled by monster energy! We will also be making monster slime and tie-dye. So get your wild on and join us for a fun week of original monster mash-ups!

Halloween In July!

Why wait until October when we can start the celebration in July? This camp will be filled with all things creepy and fun from the holiday when you can be anything you want in this world - or maybe even out of this world! We will be painting, sculpting, making headpieces and the most amazing masks! I can barely wait. We will also do a dress up photo shoot on the last day with all the crazy things we’ve made! Get registered because I expect this camp to be a hot one! Oh - I forgot to mention the candy art - it’s going to be so cool!!!

Teen ART-Ventures!

This camp is made up of many different art mediums and techniques. We will have several projects that are designed to teach and reinforce drawing, color theory, design skills and more all while learning to "see" like an artist and to make thoughtful choices in our art creation. Here we guide and help develop the artist and work more like an art coach to draw out the artist within each amazing teen! Come with ideas that you’ve been wanting to explore or just as you are and we’ll have tons of ideas to get you started! This week we will be painting, drawing, sculpting and more. This camp is led more by what the students want to explore.

Pre-K Art Camp!

Get ready for a fun week of process based art exploration! We will get dirty in as many different art media as we can think of all while creating fabulous art that will make your youngest artists beam with a sense of accomplishment!



Positive feedback and encouragement spur on amazing artists into a relaxed creative mode where great things can happen. We provide nurturing guidance to each student. We don't do it "for" them, but give them a safe space where they're free to do it themselves. We will help with a line here or there if extreme frustration is mounting, but in this environment, artists rise to each new and creative challenge. We promise fun memories and beautiful art your child will cherish for a lifetime.

So clear the walls - Amazing Art is coming home soon!

We have LOTS of FUN on the horizon!

You may call to be manually registered at 423-645-7779. OR email at The online registration will be working very soon too.

Tuition for Each Camp is $150.

However, you can save $50 by choosing the "Stay & Create" option. This means you can attend both camps in the same session for only $250, instead of $300. Students who stay all day, simply bring a sack lunch and watch movies or chill with friends between camps. We always have several staying all day and several who choose their favorite camp and do only the morning or afternoon camp. We strive to give you the best value for amazing art instruction anywhere as well as options to fit your budgets and busy summer schedules!

Feel free to call anytime with questions. 423-645-7779