My daughter has taken the art class all year and enjoyed it so much. Her drawing and other art skills have increased dramatically as the year has progressed. She now spends a lot of her spare time drawing and has a lot more confidence in her abilities. Whenever they learn something new, like sculpting, Mrs. Strickler teaches it so well that my daughter is able to explore the new concept more at home. Mrs. Strickler is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic and the entire experience has been so rewarding. My daughter looks forward to art class all week. - Treva


My son Kody is in the art classes on Wednesdays and he loves it. They do a lot of really awesome work. It is so neat to see all the different imaginations at work. Jennifer is great and always puts her all in to it and spends time with everyone individually. Kody is really enjoying the classes and we will definitely take it again. - Amy


My daughter LOVES this art class!!! She can't wait for Friday afternoons! Mrs Strickler is wonderful, she has creative and fun projects for the group and even includes learning about the kind of art and artists!!! - Donna


As a parent, I feel it is important for my child to be involved in extra-curricular activites. It helps to "round out" the child. We tried Girl Scouts, ballet and soccer, but Isabel never really got into any of those. Art class, however, has been different. She has thoroghly enjoyed every project they've done. She LOVED the trip to the art museum and has shared with us what she's learned about Van Gogh. Each week she's anxious to go to class and learn about the medium they will use next. I think we've finally found her niche! Thank you, Jennifer. Your passion for art has ignited the same in Isabel. - Ceri


As a mom of an ADHD child, it has been hard to find an extracurricular activity or a place of calming and peace for my hyper child. My son has tried soccer, karate and numerous other activities that did not pique his interest. When I saw that an art class was offered, I was skeptical to say the least. Thinking this would be another thing I would waste my time and money on -- just to be disappointed when he said he did not want to go again. I was so wrong! My child came home the very first day going on and on about how wonderful class was, how he wanted to be an artist and how he had found his place in life. For the first time he voiced ambition -- he proclaimed his calling was to be an artist. Now, instead of Mom can we go to Toys R Us, he states, "mom can we go to Michael's for more paint and art supplies? That is a wonderful feeling! Mrs. Jennifer is a stupendous Art teacher and an inspiration to my son. I could not ask for more... - Thank you, From a Mothers Heart


Both of my daughters (ages 8 & 10) have been in Jennifer Strickler's art classes all year long. I signed them up for the first semester without asking them, but they BEGGED for the second semester. They have thoroughly enjoyed anything and everything that has been done in class. The number of projects has been astounding. My girls have experienced a variety of art that I could never have shown them at home (such as sculpture, collage, several different & messy painting techniques, even charcoal and pastel drawings). As we approach the end of the year, I can say with confidence that both my girls know far more about art technique and art history than I ever learned in school. You won't find this level of expertise and love of children anywhere else in the area. Jennifer Strickler truly offers the best bargain in town. If she teaches it, we will come! - Barbara


Alyssa really loves Art Class. It gives her a hands-on chance to experience different mediums of art, which fills a huge void in our current school curriculum. Thanks for all your patience with the kids! They have fun and are learning too. - Kathy
"My 2nd grader just loves the after school Art Class. She can not wait to tell me and her dad what she did and what technique she used to create the project. She would love to have class more than once a week. We are so looking forward to the Art Show!" Thanks for all you do! - Angie


My child has been in the after school art program at Westview Elementary all year and continually cites it as the best part of the day at school. Our only request would be that it could be every day! The amount of topics and artists covered has been tremendous as well as the variety of projects and techniques. We will definitely continue next year and can't wait to see the summer camp schedule! Thanks for all your hard work! - Anonymous


My daughter has transformed since beginning taking art classes here. She believes she can create beautiful art now & so she really does. It's also helped her to gain confidence in her other studies & with her friends. I love that she calls herself an artist & believes she can learn anything. Thank you for creating a fun & safe place for her to just be herself and love what she is! - Meghan


Mrs. Strickler, Jennifer, did a fabulous job in the teaching of Art to my children. The school is unable to offer Art as a class so Jennifer stepped up and with her Art background taught our children. She is an incredible role model and teacher for our children. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. - The Dubendorfer Family